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What is Neurofeedback?

Quite simply, it is a brain mapping and training program used to correct brainwave anomalies. Using a QEEG to map your brainwaves, we can determine how you are using them in each area of your brain. By determining the amount, speed, balance, and communication of your brainwave activity, we can see where there are areas of “Dysregulation” or abnormal brainwave patterns and faulty nerve connectivity. This is also called “Neuroplasticity”. For example, we know that increased amounts of beta wave activity can be a strong indicator for those suffering from anxiety. The training program helps your brain become more “Regulated” and, therefore, function correctly. This regulation alleviates the symptoms of the conditions you are suffering from by helping your brain over come debilitating symptoms from a multitude of conditions. We help your brain learn how to help itself! Nothing is put into the brain. The brain is rewarded for producing the right brainwave at the right time in the right area. Doing this repeatedly can correct and encourage correct brainwave patterns, which in turn, lets down the correct chemicals in your brain.

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What ADHD looks like in a person struggling with this disorder is the inability to focus or concentrate, becoming easily distracted, overwhelmed or frustrated.

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Due to our environment and the ongoing stressors impacting the body every second of everyday, the body can become overloaded and our brainwaves can become abnormal. This most commonly occurs as a result of overstimulation.

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If you have been struggling with depression, you’re not alone. More than 19 million adults suffer with depression. If you are feeling overwhelmed, worn down, fatigued, sad, isolated, foggy brained, or disconnected, these are classic signs and symptoms that accompany depression.

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